From El Chorro to Antarctica

Zeppelin - El Chorro

Zeppelin – El Chorro









Halley VI - my new home

Halley VI – my new home

OK. So I’m flying back south to Antarctica in just a few hours. This time I “promise” to try and keep my blog a little more up to date than the 3 posts i managed in 18 months last time!!

So where am i going this year? I fly back in to Rothera where I spent 18 months recently. But I am only there for just over a month before flying over to Halley VI on the Brunt Ice Shelf where I will be based for the next year. This is a new base which was only completed last year and we will be only the second team to winter in it.

After a very wet summer in the UK Malcolm Airey and I decided we needed some last minute sunshine before we both headed back down South. So last week we had a great week at El Chorro, staying at the Olive Branch. We had a great week culminating in climbing the classic multi-pitch route Zeppelin in the gorge. We had to hide from the sun most of the week it was so hot… quite ironic given that we will give anything to feel the warmth of the sun over the next year or so.

Tomorrow I should be in the Falkland islands and weather permitting I will be at Rothera on the Antarctic peninsula the following day.

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