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Discounted Summer Courses – 20% off

April 21, 2016
Learning to lead in the Llanberis Pass

Learning to lead in the Llanberis Pass

I’m Back! and running the full range of rock and mountain courses again this summer.

After spending 4 of the last 5 years working at a wide range of locations in Antarctica for the British Antarctic Survey I am now back in Snowdonia – and loving it!

Already in the last month I have enjoyed scaring myself on sunny sea-cliffs and mountain crags, been for some lovely evening mountain runs over the summits and dusted off the road bike to explore further afield.

With renewed psyche and energy I am looking forward to teaching and guiding in these mountains again. Seeing old sights with fresh eyes after a chunk of time away, while still looking for new challenges and adventures yet to be experienced.

As a ‘welcome home’ gift from me to you I am offering a 20% discount off all guiding rates and course prices on courses taken in North Wales before the end of July.

While the website lists a wide range of courses please don’t think this list is prescriptive. If there is something very specific you want, or you just want to discuss what we could offer that would be suitable for you please get in touch for a no-obligation chat.

I’d love to hear from you.

From El Chorro to Antarctica

October 21, 2012
Zeppelin - El Chorro

Zeppelin – El Chorro









Halley VI - my new home

Halley VI – my new home

OK. So I’m flying back south to Antarctica in just a few hours. This time I “promise” to try and keep my blog a little more up to date than the 3 posts i managed in 18 months last time!!

So where am i going this year? I fly back in to Rothera where I spent 18 months recently. But I am only there for just over a month before flying over to Halley VI on the Brunt Ice Shelf where I will be based for the next year. This is a new base which was only completed last year and we will be only the second team to winter in it.

After a very wet summer in the UK Malcolm Airey and I decided we needed some last minute sunshine before we both headed back down South. So last week we had a great week at El Chorro, staying at the Olive Branch. We had a great week culminating in climbing the classic multi-pitch route Zeppelin in the gorge. We had to hide from the sun most of the week it was so hot… quite ironic given that we will give anything to feel the warmth of the sun over the next year or so.

Tomorrow I should be in the Falkland islands and weather permitting I will be at Rothera on the Antarctic peninsula the following day.

Torres del Paine, Patagonia

March 11, 2012
North and Central Tower of Paine, Patagonia

North and Central Tower of Paine, Patagonia

After an emotional farewell leaving Antarctica I am enjoying a little time travelling and seeing friends and family in North and South America before arriving back in the UK.

With 2 freinds, Tom and Malcolm who had just left Antarctica with me we headed to Torres del Paine national park in Patagonia, Chile for some climbing. We arrived in the park during an unseasonal settled spell of fine weather. However a mess up with permits convinced us we were going to miss an opportunity before the weather broke. Luck was on our side and on the last good day we managed to grab an ascent of the Monzino route to the summit of the North Tower of Paine. It was great to climb solid granite again after the ‘weetabix’ that masquerades as rock in antarctica.

I am now visiting family in Florida before a couple of weeks with friends in Colorado. I shall be back in the UK by early April and accepting bookings for the full range of Climb-mountains courses for the rest of the year. Please get in touch to discuss any ideas you have with no obligations to book.

Tom in Col Bich between the North and Central Towers

Tom in Col Bich between the North and Central Towers

Tom & Malcolm on the summit, North Tower of Paine

Tom & Malcolm on the summit, North Tower of Paine

No.6 Gully Aonach Dubh, SC Gully Stob Coire nan Lochan

February 8, 2009

Mat belaying above the first ice pitch, No. 6 GullyWalking back up in the direction of Stob coire nam Beith this morning we had no definite plans. But on seeing that No. 6 Gully looked complete could not resist the possibility of another cold climbs tick. Especially one that very rarely comes into condition. A couple of short ice pitches led to the main ice fall. This gave a fanatastic pitch of variable ice. Its not always possible to place screws but some good rock gear was also available on the left wall. After that Mat took the direct finish up a steep thin ice smear at around V,5 before lots of easier climbing led to the ridge line of Stob Coire nan Lochan

The slopes on the very right side of the crag where covered in amazingly light knee deep powder and would have made amazing skiing. Without skis we simply ploughed across to the foot of SC Gully. With a couple of teams already on the route we did not climb the normal line but an icier variant on the right of the gully. The icefall of the normal crux did not seem to be formed and instead gave a mixed step that was causing some folk difficulty.

Elsewhere in the coire teams were on Boomerang Arete, Dorsal Arete, Tilt and East Face Route.


Mat on the direct finish to No. 6 Gully, Aonach Dubh

Climbers on East Face Route, Stob Coire nan Lochan

Are you ready for the full force of Nature..?

December 16, 2008

Make sure you have your speakers plugged in and the volume up loud for most realistic effects.


The short clip above was filmed a few years ago on my winter ML assessment. Its shows Rhian attempting to cross a small col up on the Creag Meagaidh plateau. All members of the party were forced to crawl on there hands and knees for about half an hour. As the smallest member of the team with the largest rucsac (no we had not given her all the heavy stuff its just that she had a very bulky synthetic sleeping bag) she was most affected by the wind. At times it really was impossible to move and to attempt to stand up would have resulted in being blown off the mountain for sure.


I shall be back running courses in Scotland again this winter from early January to the end of March from a base near Fort William. If you want to learn and how to use an ice axe and crampons, navigate in a white out or how to crawl on all fours on hard ice please contact info@climb-mountains for more details.


More seriously I can offer a full range of Winter Skills Courses and Guided Winter Walks so please get in touch to discuss your ideas. See winter course page for further details and winter photos for inspiration.